Advantages And Disadvantages Of Power Wheelchairs

Published: 12th December 2005
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Advantages and Disadvantages of Power Wheelchairs

Power wheelchairs have greatly increased in popularity among elderly and
disabled individuals. You may also hear power wheelchairs referred to as
electric wheelchairs. Just like any other wheelchair style or brand, power
wheelchairs have their advantages and disadvantages.

The most obvious advantage to owning a power
wheelchair is that they are easy and convenient. Although power wheelchairs do have an electric motor,
they are still controlled by the individual in the chair. Depending on the
model, some power wheelchairs are controlled by the hands and others may even be
controlled by the mouth or other workable body parts. This feature is very
important for someone who may not have full use of their hands or arms.

The fact that there are so many varieties of power wheelchairs available is
another big plus. There are thousands of wheelchair companies, online websites,
and stores that sell power wheelchairs and other styles. Individuals of all
ages, shapes, and sizes can end up needing a wheelchair at one point in their
life. For this reason, wheelchair manufactures tend to customized chairs or
provide a large variety of different styles for each power wheelchair model.
Individuals of all weight and heights should be able to find a compatible power

Although power wheelchairs do have some disadvantages, many of them can be
turned into advantages with extra money or additional features. Typically a
power wheelchair will not fold up or come apart. Most individuals who need to
travel may not have a van or larger vehicle to store the power wheelchair;
therefore they will have to make other plans. You may have to purchase an
additional manual wheelchair for trips. Another option would be to spend more
money on a power wheelchair and purchase one that folds ups or will disassemble
fairly easily. The fold up power wheelchairs are available in most stores;
however, they can cost quite a bit more than traditional power wheelchairs.

Even since power wheelchairs have increased in popularity, there are still
many disabled, injured, or elderly individuals who are unable to purchase a
power wheelchair. The number one reason why an individual who would like to
purchase a power wheelchair cannot is due to financial reasons. Before
purchasing a power wheelchair or completely ruling one out, it is important to
speak with insurance or Medicare representatives. Many individuals are not
aware of the fact that if a wheelchair is advised by a doctor, it may be fully
or partial covered by the two.

Power wheelchairs are not only handy but comfortable too. Many power
wheelchairs somewhat resemble comfortable computer chairs. Whether a power
wheelchair is the best option will depend upon the needs of the individual in
question. Although they do not always come cheap, power wheelchairs are
comfortable, easy, and safe for everyone to use.

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